Training course 1

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Theme of the course/workshop: Data Integration and Data Validation in different Statistical Processes

Facilitators/ Instructors: Sónia Quaresma and Vincent Tronet

Materials from this course


Time slot


09:30 – 09:45

Introduction and objectives of the course

Presentation of the lecturers and participants

Morning session

09:45 – 11:00

Data Integration – Concepts, methods and processes

Data warehouse – 4 Layers of the traditional SDW

Big Data Sources – Special type of sources

Data Virtualization – as a requirement for the future of data integration

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break


11:30 – 13:00


Logical Statistical Data warehouse – the future Data warehouse

GSBPM and the life cycle of Data

Introduction to Data Validation – through the GSBPM

Business Architecture for ESS Validation – Key Principles

13:00 – 14:00

Lunch Break

Afternoon session

14:00 – 15:30

Structural Validation

Content Validation

Tools to generate SDMX files

Tools to perform validation

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:30

VTL - Language for Validation

Considerations on Data Structures and most appropriate validation tools

Combining the validation tools available

Description and objectives of the course:


Understand the concept of Data Integration and methods to achieve it. Recognize the different processes and moments where validation of the data is required. Get acquainted with the tools to perform validation. Envision how the Business Architecture for ESS Validation can combine and articulate different validation services to perform data validation in different domains and areas with distinct integration maturity.

Participants’ profile

Subject matter specialists, interested in how data integration and validation can be achieved on their daily work. Methodologists looking for a harmonization of validation methods. IT searching for information on validation tools, rules and language. Managers in demand of holistic views of integrating and validating data to increase the quality of their processes and data. 

Overall description and approach

Each topic will be introduced by presentations and further developed with the participants using gamified activities. Individual exercises will be taken, where appropriate, to raise discussion of the topics.

Facilitators/ Instructors (short biographical note)

Sónia Quaresma integrated the Eurostat Task Force on Validation in 2016 and the ESSnet on ValiDat Integration in 2017. Implemented in Portugal the validation through shared services in National Accounts. Since 2016 is national coordinator on the ESSnet on BIG Data and is on Methology, Quality and IT issues of Big Data for statistical production. Since 2015 is the national representative in the Center of Excellence in Data Warehouse being a Senior Data Warehouse specialist at the Portuguese NSI. Sónia has a degree on Computer Science, specialization on Artificial Intelligence and concluded her master on Information Management Systems in 2005.

Vincent Tronet has been working as Project Manager of the ESS Validation project since April 2016. In the last 25 years, at Eurostat, he worked in IT related fields and as Manager of several Statistical Domains. In particular, he was, more than 10 years ago, the Project Manager of EDAMIS which is the Eurostat Single Entry point for Statistical Data and he contributed to the development of GENEDI which was used for pre-validating data and converting to GESMES. In his career at Eurostat, he was “Domain Manager” for Aviation, Maritime, Fishery and Organic Farming Statistics. He was also in charge of Sustainable Development and Well-being Indicators during 4 years. In 1988, Vincent graduated in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. 

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