Programme Committee meeting

Feb 16, 2018 News

by Ryszard Gawlik

The Program Committee meeting of the Q2018 Conference was held on 12-13 February 2018 in Kraków. With all the members of the Committee present, the meeting was chaired by Ms Claudia Junker and Ms Monika Bieniek. The Committee pre-selected about 200 presentations to be delivered during the thematic sessions as well as several dozens of works for poster sessions and short speeches for the “speed-talk” sessions. The Committee members are still working on the preliminary program of the Q2018 Conference.

Many thanks to the meeting participants for all your hard work! It was a great pleasure to host you in Kraków!

PC Members at work

The PC Members, from left: Thomas Burg, Monika Bieniek, Claudia Junker, Zsuzsanna Kovacs, Marina Signore, Agustín Cañada, Maria João Zilhão, Kari Djerf, Maria Dologova, Jean-Marc Museux, Jean-Pierre Poncelet, Tasos Christofides. The picture is missing Krzysztof Jajuga and Włodzimierz Okrasa.


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